We chase perfection


Manufacturing Process

NJ Ceramic emphasizes the business’s detailed business requirements for business customers. It produces, carefully parceling of products, and distributing the final goods while keeping the excellence and well-timed delivery handy. NJ Ceramic ensures that all the ordered export and import boxes are watchfully packed.

The packing materials’ selection is made by the parceling experts to export the products globally and import them all over the country. The careful selection of packaging material is practiced to make sure the easy movement of export and import.

01RAW Material

NJ Ceramics has a highly adept quality control team that is highly motivated to consistently innovate our digital tile products. Our quality control team follows a substantial, structured, adaptable, and customizable production process to produce digital tiles composite supplies innovatively. Our high-end digital tiles products go through a compulsory quality check cycle at every production, imprinting, and marketing phase. Our in-house research and development team strictly works on controlling and maintaining the log of quality checks performed on the polished digitally vitrified tiles products.

02Mixing & Weighting Machine

NJ Ceramic’s Research and Development department sternly adheres to follow the standardized method to weigh the raw materials for the digital tiles production. Our company has the facility of two different batching units with self-calibrated load cells for accurate deliberating of raw materials that are necessary for the digital tiles production. These self standardized types of machinery play a very vital role in monitoring the quality of final output.


NJ Ceramic’s Milling department is skilled and armed with high power rotary mills, which has the competence of 400MT per day with premium content of trade in alumina pebbles for appropriate crushing and consistent mixing of each loaded constituents in mills.


NJ Ceramic’s production mill has fully equipped high capacity underground tanks that can hold up to 4000 liters of the homogenous mixture. These tanks’ high capacity helps them achieve proper raw powder consistency, adequate mixing for grinned slip, and removing undesirable gases from the slip.


NJ Ceramic’s quality control department keeps an eye to maintain the produced digital tiles products’ quality. To achieve the excellence and finishing of the delivered products, our production team has the most advanced three tiers automatic iron, get rid of the magnetic system. This magnetization process cancels out the iron content from slip and builds up body tone and transparency on the slab’s surface.

06Spray Dryer

The spray dryer phase is crucial for any digital tiles production cycle as it controls the powder’s Granulometry for proper pressing. NJ Ceramic production unit has a spray dryer that is 100% auto controlled and allows the production department to achieve the desire Granulometry and moisture of the powder.

07Powder Storage

NJ Ceramic has a fully customized powder storage system well equipped to contain and hold powder with various constituents & different colors required for multiple digital tiles production stages. Our powder storage system is regulated entirely by software programming, and there is no manual or human interference allowed for shifting or swapping powder for the critical stage. This programmed system helps our production unit develop a consistent color tone and texture of the body on the slabs’ surface.

08Dry Color & Flakes Process

Once the produced slabs have the desired texture with color and hues, the dry color and flakes process comes into action. NJ Ceramic has a unified machine with a unique ability that starts from powder batching and storage silos to press feeder—using this remarkable machine, a proper batching of powder for application at the press. This machine also enables the online coloring of powder with consistent mixing, which helps control tones of the slabs’ full-color body. NJ Ceramic’s dry color and flakes process permit the online flakes batching with different colors and mixed for homogenous surfaces throughout tiles to provide aesthetical effects on tile surfaces.


NJ Ceramic has a highly advanced and latest drying system dryer that has the five-layer drying stages. This fastest drying system is responsible for removing the moisture content from the pressed slab for appropriate application of the high-density smooth finish on the tile surface.

10High Definition Digital Printing Machine

NJ Ceramic’s digital tiles production unit goes along with the state-of-the-art and modernized technologies and methodologies in producing, imprinting, and inspecting the quality of the finished digital tiles products. Our brilliance of digital tiles printed or embossed digitally using modern digital printers to make the tiles attractive and visually appealing.

11Storage System

NJ Ceramic focusses on providing quality products and services. Keeping that in consideration, we have a highly adept facility to store surface-applied tiles for a few hours to adequately matured tiles. Our traditional storage system helps in handling of boxes on tracks or LGV shuttles. They also manage the horizontally and vertically loading and unloading of digitally vitrified slabs in the production plants.

Our storage system operates through electric fans or vacuum pump suction cups that boost the loading and unloading of fired tiles on different loading units.


The surface waviness and roller impressions on slabs’ surface are among the most significant problems faced by the digital tiles industries worldwide. NJ Ceramic has the most advanced and latest two narrow roller kiln and firing systems with improved hi-tech modification in the combustion & firing system to remove surface waviness and roller impression from the slab. NJ Ceramic is highly committed to providing world-class digital tiles products with a smooth and natural surface.

13Polishing & Nano Coating

NJ Ceramic’s production and imprinting unit continuously research the latest machinery related to production and coating stages to produce a better quality digital tiles product with striking and smooth finishes. We have the latest heads polishing line instead of a standard polishing line that ensures the consistent and smooth surface of tiles with high gloss. We also have the newest nano-coating machine that assures that each coated digital tile is highly resistant towards moisture, grin, dust, long-lasting, and durable.


NJ Ceramic’s quality control department makes sure that the finished digital tiles products successfully undergoes the various stern quality checks and parameters for the unmatched quality. This stage of sorting and quality inspection of the products is practiced at each step of the production cycle to ensure the produced, and imprinted products meet the international quality standard needs.

15Planner & Sizer Machine

The final and the last stage of the digital tiles production cycle is getting successfully through the non-contacting quality control machines that ensure the final product is error-free. NJ Ceramic has fully automated and very high-tech quality assurance devices that are Planner Machine and Sizer Machine. These latest Planner machines check the line planarity of the slab, non-orthogonal angles, non-linear sides, imperfect rectifying, and rectangle faults.

At the same time, the Sizer machines control the side measurement and diagonal measurement that defines the quality process of our production unit.