Technical Area

Technical specs

Water absorption
Breaking strenght
Deep abrasion resistance
Linear thermal expansion
Chemical resistance
Frost resistance
Flame spread
Thermal conductivity

Use of digital wall tiles


NJ Ceramic kitchen digital tiles are available in numerous sizes, finishes, textures, and colors.That makes them a highly demanded tiling option for kitchen walls with made to measure products.


NJ Ceramic bathrooms digital tiles collections are made from stoneware that is well-known for its high quality. They are notable for their low water absorption characteristics and very high resistance nce and moisture intent.

Living rooms and lounge

NJ Ceramic living rooms and digital lounge tiles can be used in the soberest and sophisticated design choices for the living area, with captivating design surfaces and inspired by natural materials.


NJ Ceramic bedrooms digital wall tiling options are reflect the charisma and warmth of natural essences with the touch, strength, and durability of stoneware, marble or stone, concrete or metal-look tiles.